We welcome you to our website. Nigerian Association of Urological  Surgeons (NAUS) is an association consisting of registered surgeons  practicing urology in Nigeria. Any trainee in urology(senior resident)  under a consultant urologist may be granted associate membership.
The cradle of the Nigerian Association of Urological Surgeons (NAUS) was the Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital, Nnewi, where an inaugural meeting was held on Thursday, 3rd December, 1992. The holding of the meeting was facilitated by Prof. O.O. Mbonu and Dr A.E Aghaji, and was sponsored by Prof. Mbonu who was then the Chief Medical Director of the Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital. The meeting had 10 Urologists in attendance and Prof. O.O Mbonu and Dr A.E Aghaji were elected Protem President and Protem Secretary respectively. Actions were put in motion to grow and stabilize the fledging association. In 1994, another meeting was held at the Department of Surgery of the Lagos University Teaching Hospital, sponsored by Dr D. N. Osegbe. At the meeting, a constitution for the association produced by the protem executive committee was adopted. As required by the constitution, the following substantive officers were elected to run the affairs of the association: Prof. O.O. Mbonu- President Dr D. N. Osegbe-Vice President Dr A.E. Aghaji-Secretary-General Dr J.C Orakwe-Treasurer/Financial Secretary These were the first substantive officers of the association. Subsequently, the Presidents and Secretary-Generals of the association since inception have been: PERIOD PRESIDENT SECRETARY-GENERAL 1992-1998 Prof O. O. Mbonu Dr A. E. Aghaji 1998-2005 Prof. D. N. Osegbe Prof. A. E. Aghaji 2005-2009 Prof. A. E Aghaji Prof. A. M. E. Nwofor 2009-2013 Prof A. M. E. Nwofor Dr. C. N. Amaechina 2013-2015 Prrof J. C. Orakwe Prof N. Dakum
The 3rd meeting of the Association held at Enugu in 1997 and incorporated a scientific session. This was the first scientific meeting of the association. Subsequently, Annual General Meetings and Scientific Conferences have been held as follows:
4th-1998-Lagos, 5th-1999-Port Harcourt, 6th-2000-Abraka, 7th-2001-Abuja, 8th-2002-Nnewi, 9th-2003-Abuja(PAUSA), 10th-2004-Ibadan, 11th-2005-Lagos, 12th-2006-Calabar, 13th-2007-Jos, 14th-2008-Ilorin, 15th-2009-Enugu, 16th-2010-Kano, 17th-2011-Abuja, 18th-2012-Port Harcourt, 19th-2013-Ibadan. The 20th meeting will be holding in Lagos in November 2014. NAUS hosted the 2003 biennial Conference of the Pan African Association of Urological Surgeon (PAUSA) which held in Abuja. That PAUSA Conference subsumed the NAUS meeting of that year in Abuja. Organisation of NAUS Urological Workshops commenced in 2007 and it started as a Pre- Conference Workshop at the Jos conference of that year. Subsequently, the annual conferences have been preceded by a pre-conference workshop. The Instrument giant, The Karl-Storz of Germany, has been very supportive of this venture and has contributed immensely in making the workshops robust and inspiring. In 2011, still in collaboration with Karl- Storz, the “Endourology Roadshow” was started. Thus, in addition to the pre-conference workshops, NAUS-Karl Storz Urology Workshops (Endourology Roadshows) became held as a quarterly event, rotating through all the geopolitical zones of the country. These workshops, elegantly coordinated by Prof V. M. Ramyil and Dr. E. U. Azodoh since inception, have helped in no small measure in improving the horizon of the practice of urology in Nigeria. In 2011, a new constitution of the association articulated by the Constitution Review Committee under the chairmanship of Prof J. C, Orakwe was adopted at the Annual General Meeting In Abuja. The adoption of the constitution brought about the expansion of the membership of the Executive Committee with the addition of the positions of the President-Elect, Assistant Secretary-General, Financial Secretary, Treasurer, and Ex-Officio members. The journal of the association, The Nigerian Journal of Urology, was inaugurated at Abuja in 2011, with Prof . A. M. E. Nwofor as the pioneer editor. The association, which was inaugurated in 1992 with 10 members, today has a total of 120 members 

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